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This four-course accelerated online specialization teaches course participants how to derive insights through data analysis and visualization using the Google Cloud Platform.

The courses feature interactive scenarios and hands-on labs where participants explore, mine, load, visualize, and extract insights from diverse Google BigQuery datasets. The courses also cover data loading, querying, schema modeling, optimizing performance, query pricing, and data visualization.

These hands on components will let you apply the skills you learn in the video lectures. Projects will incorporate topics such as Google Cloud Platform products, which are used and configured within Qwiklabs. You can expect to gain practical hands-on experience with the concepts explained throughout the modules.

This specialization is intended for the following participants:

● Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Business Intelligence professionals

● Cloud Data Engineers who will be partnering with Data Analysts to build scalable data solutions on Google Cloud Platform

What are the prerequisites for Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Course?

  • Curiosity to learn Artificial Intelligence!
  • Curiosity to learn Artificial Intelligence!
  • This training is designed for all
  • Curiosity to learn Artificial Intelligence!
  • Curiosity to learn Artificial Intelligence!
  • Curiosity to learn Artificial Intelligence!
  • Curiosity to learn Artificial Intelligence!

Course Outline

1. Exploring ​and ​Preparing ​your ​Data with BigQuery

  • This first course in this specialization is Exploring and Preparing your Data with BigQuery. Here we will see what the common challenges faced by data analysts are and how to solve them with the big data tools on Google Cloud Platform. You’ll pick up some SQL along the way and become very familiar with using BigQuery and Cloud Dataprep to analyze and transform your datasets. This course should take about one week to complete, 5-7 total hours of work. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to query and draw insight from millions of records in our BigQuery public datasets. You’ll learn how to assess the quality of your datasets and develop an automated data cleansing pipeline that will output to BigQuery. Lastly, you’ll get to practice writing and troubleshooting SQL on a real Google Analytics e-commerce dataset to drive marketing insights. 

2. Creating New BigQuery Datasets and Visualizing Insights

  • This is the second course in the Data to Insights specialization. Here we will cover how to ingest new external datasets into BigQuery and visualize them with Google Data Studio. We will also cover intermediate SQL concepts like multi-table JOINs and UNIONs which will allow you to analyze data across multiple data sources.

3. Achieving Advanced Insights with BigQuery

  • The third course in this specialization is Achieving Advanced Insights with BigQuery. Here we will build on your growing knowledge of SQL as we dive into advanced functions and how to break apart a complex query into manageable steps.

4. Applying Machine Learning to your Data with GCP

  • In this module, we define what Machine Learning is and how it can benefit your business. You'll see a few demos of ML in action and learn key ML terms like instances, features, and labels. In the interactive labs, you will practice invoking the pretrained ML APIs available as well as build your own Machine Learning models using just SQL with BigQuery ML.