An Event for Compensation Professionals

An Event for Compensation Professionals

In just a few short weeks the World@Work Spotlight on Sales conference will begin and I’m looking forward to heading to Chicago to hear about the latest trends, best practices and advancements in sales compensation.  As an IBM Portfolio Manager for the IBM Sales Performance Management and IBM Incentive Compensation Management solution, I find this is an excellent conference to keep up to date on trends and best practices while networking with attendees working in incentive compensation.

Compensation leaders know that this is the place to be for strategies and resources to amplify sales and take your sales compensation plans to the next level. The detailed agenda is now available and, as always, full of some fantastic sessions.  Thought leaders and experts in sales compensation will provide actionable advice to bring your sales compensation program to the next level.  Whether you’re interested in techniques to amplify growth through sales compensation or just wanting to tweak your quota setting process, there’s a session for you.

As I make my own agenda, there are some that stand out as ‘must-sees’.  Here are the sessions that I’m most excited about attending:


  1. Enhance Your Sales Compensation Program with a Simple but Effective Goal Allocation Process: The effectiveness of a quota-based sales compensation plan is heavily dependent on its goals. If goals are too easy or too hard it can demotivate reps or drive up costs. Learn an approach that is easy to set individual quotas and can be introduced to your finance and sales leaders for their input and buy-in. This session will illustrate with templates a step-by-step program that will make it easy to introduce and customize to your business
  2. Compensating Salespeople in a Digital World: Sales responsibility is being increasingly shared by salespeople and digital channels, and the role of the salesperson is changing. Sales compensation plans must adapt to encourage orchestration of the right sales activities and channels for meeting customer needs, while rewarding salespeople appropriately for their contribution to sales outcomes. This session will explore the ways our digital world is changing the way we buy, and the way we sell, and the way we need to think about sales compensation.
  3. Amplify Growth through Revamped Sales Roles and Sales Compensation Designs: Companies can focus on various paths to achieve growth. They can grow results from current relationships (penetration), seek to find new customers (acquisition), or strive for both. In this session, you’ll hear company stories on how to achieve organizational growth. Plus, you’ll explore techniques used to amplify growth through redefined sales roles and deployment models along with the sales compensation plan designs needed to optimally focus, motivate, and reward the sales force.
  4. Strategic Sales Compensation – Connecting the Corner Office to the Front Line: Learn the five critical steps in the sales compensation process that ties organizational strategy to the front line. From setting goals and using the Pay Mix Positioner, to avoiding common quota-setting pitfalls and defining problems sales comp can and cannot solve, you’ll hear examples and discover the tools to help design the best incentive compensation program for your organization.
  5. How to Be an Internal Sales Compensation Consultant: Your sales, marketing and finance team need your help. You know the sales compensation program needs revisions; however, the current sales compensation review process is ill-defined and fragmented. You are aware of needed common sense solutions. And, you don’t want to miss any breakthrough ideas. Learn how to become an effective internal sales compensation consultant. Grasp specific techniques that consultants use to design effective sales comp plans and secure leadership consensus.

When you arrive at the conference, drop by the IBM Sales Performance booth in the exhibitor area. We’d love to chat with you about sales performance management and give you a tour of the latest IBM Incentive Compensation Management release.