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Data Warehouse Migration with BigQuery

This 4 day instructor-led class teaches course participantsLearn about the Product Deep Dive for Google Big Query as Cloud Datawarehouse platform.Discuss general concepts that are applicable to any data warehousing technology. The architectural patterns you explore show how Google Cloud can enable you to move beyond traditional data warehousing practices.

Duration: 3 days
Time: 9am to 5pm

This course teaches participants the following skills:

  • Derive insights from data using the analysis and visualization tools on Google Cloud Platform
  • Load, clean, and transform data at scale with Google Cloud Dataprep
  • Explore and Visualize data using Google Data Studio
  • Troubleshoot, optimize, and write high-performance queries
  • Practice with pre-built ML APIs for image and text understanding
  • Train classification and forecasting ML models using SQL with BQML



M1: Data Warehouse Solutions on GCP

M2: BigQuery for Data Warehousing

M3: Migrating to BigQuery

M4: ETL Tools and Positioning

M5: Streaming Analytics

M6: Migrating Spark and Hadoop to GCP

M7: BigQuery Extended Capabilities

To get the most out of this course, participants should have:

  • Basic proficiency with ANSI SQL

Course Duration : 4 Days

Course Fee : 2800 SGD Includes assessment

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