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Enterprise Data Warehouse Modernization

So, you have made a major investment in your data warehouse. However, squeezing out marginal performance gains requires you to constantly invest in more hardware and services. There has to be a better, more cost-effective solution.

Increasingly, organizations are supplementing or replacing their enterprise data warehouse with Hadoop based platform for these reasons:

Save Millions of Dollars in License and Hardware Costs

With optimized data storage, you can store 10-30x more data per server than traditional data warehouses and save even more with a straightforward and affordable pricing model.

Improve Performance by Orders of Magnitude

Gain insights into your data in near-real time by running queries 50x-1,000x faster than legacy data warehouse solutions.

Skip the Costly and Cumbersome “Refrigerator” Upgrades

The Hadoop Platform is a software-only solution, so you have the freedom to choose the hardware that best suits your environment, and you can load and query data concurrently so you do not need to take your system offline for upgrades.

Increase Team Productivity and Organizational Value

Because operations that took days now take hours and hours now take seconds, your analytics team can be more productive and answer business-critical questions on the spot.

Be Prepared for Massive Scale

Infinitely and easily scale your solution by adding an unlimited number of industry-standard servers, preparing your organization for success in the face of an onslaught of Big Data.

Minimize Implementation and Administration Costs

With built-in simplicity and support for all industry standards, the Platform can be installed and set up in days (not weeks or months) with fewer costly administration resources, less retraining, and budget-friendly implementation engagement.
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