Regional Franchising Application


Regional Franchising Application Dear potential franchisee, We have established our unique training model in Singapore and Malaysia - Agilitics pte. ltd Singapore and Agilitics pte. ltd . We are looking for suitable partners to expand our training model to other regions in South East Asia such as Brunei, Sarawak, Johor, Penang, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines etc Franchisee Requirement:

1. Franchisee is preferably training provider in their region.

2. Franchisee and us will jointly setup a new Business Entity in their region

3. Franchisee and us will jointly setup a new bank account for the new business entity

4. Franchisee needs to provide provide classroom facilities such as classroom, projector, whiteboard, WIFI, light refreshment

Franchisee Benefits: We will provide the following services to our franchisees:

1 We will share our training material with franchisee. We will support any queries on the training material.

2.We will setup a training courses website for franchisee that is consistent with Agilitics pte. ltd branding

3. We will provide free training to franchisee trainers in Singapore and . Flight and Accommodation are not included. We can also occasionally visit franchisee premise to conduct training to franchisee trainers.

4. We will do the marketing to promote your training courses to your region

5. We will offer one franchise partnership exclusively to one region.

6. Franchisee will withdraw 30% of training profit every month. We will withdraw 20% of the training profit monthly. 50% of the training profit will be left in the bank for cash flow. The training profit is training revenue from our courses minus the training expenses such as trainers payout, notes, certs etc. There will be a monthly review of the training profit and loss.

7. There is no yearly franchisee fee.

Franchisee Sign Up Fee: 1. There is a one-off 50,000 USD for signing up as franchisee

If you are interested to be our franchisee, please fill up the form below and we will get back to you.