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In this class, you will learn the essentials of the DBA profession, extend your skillset to all aspects of
administering MariaDB and strategies for achieving HA (Master Slave Replication), as well as a primer to
MaxScale. We will cover MariaDB concepts and essential tools and to optimise use of the resources
available for your databases. We will also thoroughly review core administrative tasks such as backups
and restoration, monitoring and maintaining databases, and user security.

Brings you a comprehensive MariaDB training, designed to give you basic knowledge and skills to become a successful MariaDB Administrator. In this course, you will get a walk through on how the Database works, availability of tools, how to use these tools, how to configure MariaDB Database server and configuration. The course also covers database maintenance, backup and recovery. MariaDB is one of the most popular database servers and it has been developed by the original developers of MySQL. MariaDB is open source and as a relational database it provides SQL interface for data access.

The benefits of MariaBD Training are as follows :

  • MariaDB development is more open and vigorous.

  • The security releases are quick and transparent.

  • It has new and exciting features.

  • The amount of storage engines are more in MariaBD MariaDB is a better performer than MySQL.

  • The popularity of MariaDB has increased.

  • MariaDB is simple and easy to migrate to as compared to others

    • At the end of the MariaDB Database Administration course, delegates will have the knowledge to use all the features available to administer, monitor and support MariaDB databases and servers.

    Below is the outline of this course. Based on student needs, though, this may change for each teaching of
    the course.

    • Configuration
    • Resource Usage• MariaDB Clustering Overview
    • Master-Slave Automated Failover & Restore
    • MariaDB MaxScale Overview & Installation)
    • MariaDB Replication Complex Scenarios
    • MariaDB Semi-Synch Plugin
    • MariaDB Enterprise High Availability
    • MariaDB Replication
    • Optimization• MaxScale Configuration
    • MariaDB Master-Slave Setup
    • Customizing
    • MariaDB Replication

    Course Outline

    You’ll learn about administering MariaDB
    • Select best resources, storage engines, and data types

    • Configuring replication
    • Create views and server-side customizing Partitioning tables

    You’ll learn about High Availability for MariaDB databases:
    • Set up standard replication and use it for controlled and emergency switchover
    • Install, configure and administer Master & Slave
    • User and server security

    • Install and configure disaster recovery and backup database for MariaDB

    • Monitoring and maintaining databases